An ojibway of North America, David C. Pawis is a member and resident of Wasauksing First Nation, Ontario, Canada. As a child, David was very enthusiastic about arts and crafts, and learned traditional skills from his mother, and elders of his first nation. David excelled at art classes in school. His passion for art and creating continued through his teens, and he went on to attend Sheridan College program of Art Fundamentals in 1976/77. Primarily self taught, David’s paintings, sculptures, carvings, leather and birch bark work manifest his love for nature, landscapes, traditional teachings and folklore. His greatest teacher and inspiration is mother earth from which everything comes. Living on pristine shores of Georgian Bay in the 30,000 islands is inspirational, and much of David’s art depicts scenery found around the bay.


Through Negig Arts, David will accept commissions for paintings or crafts. His art can be viewed at the G’zaagin Art Gallery in Parry Sound, and numerous galleries throughout central Ontario.


In 2010, the town of Huntsville purchased and displayed David’s art for the G8 summit.